Aldo Cerletti

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Emmie Peretti

We've successfully bred Italian Greyhounds for twenty years.
This is an extremely ancient breed of small sized dogs who easily adapt to city life
even though they preserve all the instincts of hunting dogs, which allow them to run on amateur circuits.
These dogs have an extroverted and loving character
and get along very well with children and other house pets.


They are perfect companions both for active people
who love long walks and for those who are more sedentary
as long as they are allowed some play at least once a day.
Trough the years our kennel has produced several International, Italian, Reproducing and Club Champions.
We have taken our dogs to different countries around the world where
they have always kept the breeding standard high at shows.
They represent valid reproducers for the breed.
In the field of amateur racing, our dogs have been the first in Italy to obtain the International Racing License.


One of our Italian Greyhounds has been the first dog bred in Italy, among all of the Hound breeds, to go
on to the winners podium at a European Racing Championship.
We are available to provide any information you might wish about the Italian Greyhound.

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